Stock Analysis on International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)

Stock Analysis on International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)
Date of Analysis: 31st October 2014
Last Updated on: Same as above date
Current Price: $163.88

Fundamental Analysis

Intrinsic Value (How much it’s worth based on it’s financial records): $150.92

IBM has always been a very steady and great business. It’s financial records does translate the same way as well.

Technical Analysis

This is the monthly chart below and IBM is on an uptrend and will be heading towards $255.43.

IBM Uptrend on the Monthly Chart


But before it moves to $255.43 it will need to make a move down to $145.79 to complete the fibonacci.



Do not enter IBM until it reaches $145.79. Once it reaches around that price, buy and ride it to $255.43.


Disclaimer: Readers are advised to practice their own due diligence before making any decisions. The reader understands the risks involved in trading.

Additional Notes: If you would like us to analyze any other stocks, feel free to drop us a note over at our contact page. Do note that we do not analyze IPOs due to insufficient financial data. Stocks with 5 to 10 years history are ideal (10 years would be even better).

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