Stock Analysis on Herbal Life (HLF)

herbalifeStock Analysis on Herbal Life (HLF)
Date of Analysis: 7th August 2014
Last Updated on: Same as above date
Current Price: $48.81

Fundamental Analysis

Intrinsic Value (How much it’s worth based on it’s financial records): $44.71

Herbal Life has got pretty strong financial records.

Technical Analysis

From the big picture, based on the monthly chart below, Herbal Life is an uptrend and should be heading towards $91.07.

Herbal Life Monthly Chart
Herbal Life Monthly Chart


However, from the daily chart, we will see this stock move further down until it reaches $44.

Herbal Life Daily Chart
Herbal Life Daily Chart



Don’t enter until it reaches $44. Afterwhich, ride the uptrend till it reaches $91.07.


Disclaimer: Readers are advised to practice their own due diligence before making any decisions. The reader understands the risks involved in trading.

Additional Notes: If you would like us to analyze any other stocks, feel free to drop us a note over at our contact page. Do note that we do not analyze IPOs due to insufficient financial data. Stocks with 5 to 10 years history are ideal (10 years would be even better).

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