Stock Analysis: COACH (COH)

Stock Analysis on the brand COACH (COH)
Date of Analysis: 2nd July 2014
Last Updated On: Same as above date
Current Price: $33.60

Fundamental Analysis

Intrinsic Value (How much it’s worth based on it’s financial records): $55.50

*Intrinsic Value calculation varies according to your risk level and desired returns.

Technical Analysis

The chart below is based on a 5 year chart.
Overall Trend: Down

Coach 5 years
COACH (COH) 5 Year Daily Chart

Fibonacci Downtrend Completion: At $35.64 or $35.14 (According to daily time frame)

Fibonacci on Daily Chart Time-Frame

Fibonacci Downtrend Completion: At $28.80 (According to Weekly Chart Time Frame)

Coach- Down Fibo (weekly)
Fibonacci on Weekly Chart Time-Frame



Wait for completion of Fibonacci downtrend completion at $28.80 before entering.
Bigger time frames are more accurate.

BUY this undervalued stock around $28.80.


Disclaimer: Readers are advised to practice their own due diligence before making any decisions. The reader understands the risks involved in trading.

Additional Notes: If you would like us to analyze any other stocks, feel free to drop us a note over at our contact page. Do note that we do not analyze IPOs due to insufficient financial data. Stocks with 5 to 10 years history are ideal (10 years would be even better).

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