From The Desk Of: Andrew Thomson

Dear Friend,

I’ve been there before, the time where I stared at the charts for hours.

I know how you feel. Rest assured, you’re not alone. And let’s be honest, I’ve probably made twice as many mistakes as you have. I’ve used multiple trading strategies, stared at the screen for hours and even traded emotionally.

Thankfully, I’ve managed to find my way out of this and I would love to share my story with you.

Back in the days where I suffered from looking at the computer screen for hours, I did everything I could to overcome it. I opened another trading account after crashing one and thought that things will change. I looked on the internet and did a forex course but unfortunately was still unable to solve my problem so i took it upon myself to look for a solution on my own.

And after many years of experiencing and overcoming it on my own, I found an amazing guy. Ray Neils. And he’s managed to create a profitable system and now he’s considered as a respected member of the community so rest assured, he knows his stuff… and it’s backed up by years of research and testing.

As a matter of fact, I even have the live results which I’ll show you below.

For the last few years, he has always been available and never hesitated to help his friends and acquaintances out because he understood their problems and how upsetting it had made them feel. He never wanted anyone to feel the way I did.

So after I met Ray, we made it our life goal to help those in the same situation as I was previously. We soon realized that there were many others like me and we continued to offer our helping hand and experience.

And finally, after much discussion with Ray Neils, we decided to make this system available online so we would be able to share and help overcome your problem together.

An automated forex trading system which will help you profitable in 7 Easy Steps.


Introducing: WIN EA


WIN EA is an auto trader which trades the forex market for you automatically.
This system, is the best you’ll ever find in the market and you can get access as early as tonight!

Here’s Some Unqiue Features of WIN EA:

- Uses Commodity Channel Index, CCI as key indicator to trade
– Trade Specially on GBP/USD Currency Pair Using 5-Minute Chart
– Basket Take Profit concept
– Hedging
– Profit Lock and Trailing
– Gains 3-4% monthly
– Min. US$5000 deposit and not exceeding US$7500 to enjoy 1:500 leverage


What’s even better is that this system’s PROVEN LIVE trading track record of more than 2 years!

View LIVE account statements updating every 5 minutes since May 2012 (Click these 2 links to see):


Account 1 –


Account 2 –
(Click Stats> Day> select any done trade and down arrow to see daily done trades)

This will totally change the way you look at forex trading because it will simply work. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about our WIN EA.




Hi, this is Dan and I’ve been using WIN EA from the time the early version was released some 2 years ago. First off, I would like to congratulate the makers for creating such powerful and consistent profit making machine, you can see the hard work that goes into it on a weekly basis to keep it profitable.
– Dan -


Hello there, my name is Victor and I tried trading the forex market for 2 months but having a full time job I simply had no time to manage my account. One of my friends told me about an automatic system called WIN EA that trades for you and now 8 months later I still don’t have to learn about forex while keeping my full time job and making money on the side thanks to the WIN EA. WIN EA rules!
– Victor -


This is Dunstan here and i’m really surprised at WIN EA because i’ve never came a across any EA in the market that is so consistent and with a very strong track record. I’m very happy of this opportunity given to me. I know of many Expert Adisors and trading robots out there that promise you big returns but they don’t last. WIN EA is slow and steady. Reminds me of the Tortise and Hare story.
– Dunstan -

If you find that our system does not work, you can simply withdraw your funds from the broker at any time. You’ll only need to consider about the exchange rate. We also have a 30-day money back guarantee on the registration fee. We have no access to your funds in your trading account as you’ll be funding your account with the broker directly. You have full control of your funds.


Here’s the 7 Simple Steps on how you can get startedStep 1: Sign up and make payment through our WIN EA sign up button below.Step 2: Register for AFX Capital/Super Trading Online (forex broker) through our given link in the welcome email from usStep 3: Get your AFX trading account verified by uploading the necessary documents.Step 4: Fund the account once verified. (min. US$5000, not exceeding US$7500)

Step 5: Send us an email once account is funded.

Step 6: We will then link your account to WIN EA to copy the trading signals

Step 7: Sit back and relax. Let WIN EA do the work for you.

*If you’d like to have more than one trading account, instructions for payment options will be available in the welcome email.

AFX Capital Regulated


This diagram below explains clearly of the flow of funds from you (Your Trading Funds Kept Separate From Our Account):


So why is Automated Trading helpful?

It takes no reference from market analysis: Automated trading does not trade on fundamental analysis, technical analysis, political or financial news.

Impassive and reliable trading: Interpretation of price movement and decision making are made by the Expert Advisors (EA). The common human emotions such as fear and greed will not control or influence any trading decisions, therefore the trades are more pratical and reliable.

Quicker trading: As all criterions are already prearranged so that the placing of orders is done quickly to make the most of the current market of affair 24/5. Hence, automated trading is a better way to trade in order to generate passive recurring income.

Profit consistency: EA uses fixed set of rules developed by the experienced traders. With good strategy, one can achieve impressive return consistently

And it also helps with issues such as:
⁃ Uncertainty and confussion with strategies
⁃ Discipline
⁃ Inconsistency in trading results
⁃ Spending time on reading political and financial news
⁃ Spending time on research and technical analysis
⁃ Consistantly monitoring the market
⁃ Missed opportunity to enter a trade

You now are at a crossroad, one path leads you back to where you were. The same situation you’re in now staring at your computer screen with no end in sight. Then there is this new path, a straight road which lead you to income generation automatically and a whole new better life for you. Which will you choose? The bad ol’days or a bright, brand new day? We are know what the decision is from you, so here’s what you need to do.

Click on the button below and you’ll get access to our system for a limited time registration fee of only $102 and then $51 monthly for one trading account.

However, we are aware that everything may take 1-2 weeks to setup because of account verification and funding. And so we’ve decided to give you a 50% off on the registration fee.

So instead, it’s just $51 to register and then $51 monthly to keep your account linked to WIN EA for ONE trading account.

Your credit or debit card payment is ins tally process by PayPal, and it’s fully protected and guaranteed by them. You’ll have instant access to WIN EA once you’ve completed everything. (even if it’s 2am in the morning!)”

Here’s wishing you all the best in profiting from forex and having the good times ahead.


Wishing you an amazing trading journey,



P.S You will want to take advantage of the current 50% off the registration fee as we will not have this same offer running for long period of time.

P.P.S Once again your funds in your trading account are controlled by you only and we have no access to it. AFX Capital/Super Trading Online is an authorized and regulated broker. Therefore, you have full control of your funds. You can stop at any time and withdraw your funds from your trading account.