Client opens trading account(s) (Mirror account) to copy trading signals (Signal) generated by the Provider’s Forex trading account (Master account), and Client has read, understood and fully agreed with the following Terms and Conditions:

1. Client copies the Signal on a voluntary basis and may at his/her sole discretion instruct the Forex broker to discontinue from copying the Signal or to inform the broker that he/she wanted to manage trading activities of the account.

2. The Provider will not manage Client’s investments and trading activities, and will not provide recommendations or any advice related to the Forex trading.

3. Client shall maintain his/her account balance of not less than $5000 to copy the signal, and to not more than $9,999 to trade with the leverage of 1:500.

4. There is no guarantee the trading will result in profits for the Client, and on contrary, the trading may result in substantial losses. Past trading performance are not indicative of future result.

5. Provider will not disclose the trading strategy and parameter settings of the trading software.

6. The profits or losses between Master account and Mirror account, or between any Mirror accounts may be substantially different.

7. Trading activities may be interrupted due to technical or software error including but not limited to the functions of the trading software the Provider may use, the Broker’s trading platform, the third party authentication service to the software and the third party computer server service.

8. Client will not hold the Provider responsible for the security of his/her investment with any Forex broker the Provider may recommend.

9. Either party may at own discretion disconnect from the copy trading by providing an email notice to the opposite party at least three days in advance.

10. Client shall not hold the Provider or its agent liable for any losses, damages, costs or expenses which may incur as a result of trading Forex under the above Terms and Conditions